Universal Life - UniMaster Plus

Universal Life - UniMaster Plus
Universal Life - UniMaster Plus

UniMaster Plus by Universal Life is a flexible investment plan that aims to create capital for children’s studies through systematic savings. At maturity, the child may choose to receive the money either as a lump sum or yearly installments.

The minimum duration of the scheme is 10 years and the maximum is 21, giving you the flexibility to plan well in advance for your child's university education.

UniMaster Plus features the following benefits:

  • In case of loss of life or total disability of the insured the plan pays the premium until the child is 18.
  • The plan has no surrender value so that the child is the sole beneficiary.
  • Opportunity to add optional premiums.
  • Free bonus units after five years.
  • Right to increase or decrease your premium depending on your needs.
  • Tax deductibility of premium.
  • A range of supplementary benefits to add:
    • Loss of life
    • Accidental death

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