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UltimaSave is a regular savings plan with high performance potential for people residing outside the United Kingdom. It gives access to the world's investment markets through a wide range of professionally managed funds.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Regular savings with flexibility to increase or decrease contributions (within certain limits) at any time.
  • As a loyalty bonus, where the plan has been in force for five years, and provided all regular contributions have been made, bonus units of 0,25% per annum of the plan's bid value will be added monthly.
  • Access to a wide range of investment funds from highly regarded fund managers.
  • Changing your choice of funds is currently free of administrative charge.
  • After three full years' premiums paid, partial encashments of up to 10% per year (non cumulative) are permitted free of charge -subject to minimum payment then current. 
  • Death benefit of 101% of the bid value of units in plan.
  • Optional life cover option.
  • Optional contribution holiday at any time after three full years’ contributions have been paid.
  • Tax-efficient growth -whichever investment funds you select, growth can be achieved tax-efficiently.
  • Full support, online statements on demand, and professional advice.

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