Universal Life - UniBond

Universal Life - UniBond
Universal Life - UniBond

UniBond by Universal Life aims to generate high, long-term capital gains by investing a minimum single premium (lump sum) from the outset, currently set at € 8.500.

The policy offers cover for loss of life from any cause without any supplementary benefits in order to maximize investment returns. It features four choices of insurance coverage which depend on the age of the insured and the desired duration of the policy, and may be one, five, ten or fifteen times the single premium.

In case of loss of life of the insured before the expiry of the policy, UniBond pays the sum assured or the value of the policy units, whichever is greater.

UniBond offers the opportunity to add optional premiums (minimum € 1.750, maximum € 35.000) as required by the customer. In addition, it provides free bonus units after five years and provided that the value of the policy is more than € 8.500.

The duration of UniBond may be between 10 to 20 years as long as the policy expires before the age of 80, while the maximum age of entry is 70 years.

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